Question regarding data on EU Blue Card

Dear all,

I am currently searching for data on whether student graduates of German universities are interested in receiving the EU Blue Card. I used the Nepsplorer to check i) whether there are variables regarding the EU Blue Card (EU Blaue Karte), or ii) whether there are variables indicating student graduates’ aspired wage after completing their studies.

I would very much appreciate any kind of help with regard to the EU Blue Card and (non-European) student graduates in Germany.

Best regards

Dear Lennart!

There is no specfic question regarding to the EU Blue Card in any NEPS-Survey. There is one question on residence permit (t406130) in Starting Cohort 5 but it doesn’t touch any future aspects on the target person’s plans to stay within the EU.

An item on the expected wage in 10 years can be found in pTargetCAWI (t513051, wave 6) as well as job satisfaction regarding to income (tg77020) likeliness of a raise (t515008) failed expections on wage (t29184h).

There are items on the perception of target’s chances of getting a well-paid job (e.g. t30245a) in pTargetCATI as well as information on monthy household income (e.g. t510010).

And there is information on net income in spEmp (e.g. ts23410).

But there seems to be no metric data on wage expections after graduation, I’m sorry.

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Dear Dietmar,

thanks a lot for your prompt reply and all the detailed information! They are very helpful.