Bug in SC1: 10.0.0 pParent and pEducator

During the construction of generated variable 67801k_g1 „SDQ scale: hyperactivity“ (pParent: p67801k_g1, pEducator: e67801k_g1), the variable 67801r „Thinks“ has been overlooked. This results in slightly lower values for affected respondents.

The error can be corrected by using the following syntax.


 replace p67801k_g1=-55 if p67801r<0 & p67801k_g1!=-54
 replace p67801k_g1=p67801k_g1+1 if p67801r==2 & p67801k_g1>=0
 replace p67801k_g1=p67801k_g1+2 if p67801r==1 & p67801k_g1>=0


 replace e67801k_g1=-55 if e67801r<0
 replace e67801k_g1=e67801k_g1+1 if e67801r==2 & e67801k_g1>=0
 replace e67801k_g1=e67801k_g1+2 if e67801r==1 & e67801k_g1>=0

This issue has been resolved in version 10.1.0: