Course content classification


The data manual states that

Information on the content of the courses is available as open answers and in coded form using a classification of the Federal Employment
Agency (Kompetenzkatalog der Bundesagentur für Arbeit).

Is this catalog available online (if possible in English). Also is there some broad classification available, such that these courses can be classified as work-related vs leisure courses, high skill requirement vs low skill requirement etc.

Dear Mrs. Agarwal,

you can find the competence catalog in the download portal of the Federal Employment Agency, where you first have to sign up [1].
In the file ‚Kompetenzenkatalog.xls‘ you will find in addition to the competences also an assignment to the competence group.
Unfortunately, we do not have an English translation or further differentiations of the classification.

Kind regards
Gregor Lampel