Further Education dataset


I have a question regarding the generated dataset Further Education. According to the data manual, instances from spVocTrain which can be classified as courses and training related to further education are included in the generated dataset „Further Education“.

Hence the Further education dataset contains a subset of the respondents contained in the spVocTrain dataset. I wanted to know if there is a variable in the spVocTrain dataset that captures this information : whether the vocational training was a part of further education or was undertaken in the normal course of education.

Thank you


Dear Lisha,

there is no direct variable backtracking the source of episodes in FurtherEducation generated in spVocTrain. However, I think you can reconstruct such a variable yourself. Episodes were transferred if the type of the program is a „course to obtain a license“. The following syntax illustrates this:

use SC6_FurtherEducation.dta, clear
keep if tx28200==24  // rows from spVocTrain
tempfile fe
save `fe'

use SC6_spVocTrain.dta, clear
keep if subspell==0
keep if ts15291_g12==2  | ts15201==14 | ts15201_v1==13
merge 1:1 ID_t splink using `fe' // all cases match

Does this help?