Geocode t751001_g4


I want to geocode the variable t751001_g4R which gives the resident municipality (administrative region).I am using the SC6 cohort and pTarget file I use the following code where i first change t751001_g4R into a string variable with name of muncipality and then try to geocode it. However I receive an error message „connection error, retrying observation #1“ . Is it that I am doing something wrong or that the remote server doesnt allow the use of geodata.
Thank you.

The code is

neps, language (en): use "pTarget", clear
keep ID_t wave t751001_g4R > nepsmiss _all
replace t751001_g4R=. if t751001_g4R>=.
decode t751001_g4R, generate(res)
split res, generate (re) parse(]) // to split the AUX code from name of muncipality 
geocode, city(re2)

Hi Lisha,

and thanks for your request here. The error message comes from the simple fact that LIfBi’s remote services (including RemoteNEPS) don’t allow connections to the internet from within user sessions. The obvious reason is that this would allow users to upload data to places outside of our remote systems, which is undesired from the perspective of data protection.

The Stata program you try to use (geocode) is nothing less than a wrapper accessing Google Maps in order to submit the given address, and receive the respective coordinates. Thus, it would require an internet connection to perform the task.

Depending on what you eventually want to achieve with geocoding the residency address, it may be that there are simpler solutions for it than manually coding it. Please have a look at the NEPS website, especially the help page documenting the procedures to merge regional information the the NEPS Scientific Use Files in RemoteNEPS. Probably, you want to get in touch with us via email, and send us the data that should get merged to the dataset.

Kind regards