More information weights PEQUIV file

I have a question regarding weighting the samples of the SOEP. Would it be possible to receive more information regarding the weight variable as indicated in the PEQUIV file. I am looking to calculate the Gini Coefficient on Household Level. When would it be recommended to use w11101$$, w11102$$ and w11105$$ respectively? In PEQUIV is written that when using all samples w11105$$ is recommended, how does this work in weighting the different samples? and when would household level weights be recommended over individual weights?

we recommend using person level weights with person level data. With the analysis described below, please use the weights provided by w11105$$. The same applies when analyzing only particular samples. As soon as you change your level of analysis to the household (HH) you should use HH-level weights (w11102$$). The main difference is that HH-level weights apply to around 42 million HH in Germany, whereas the person level weights apply to approx. 83 Million individuals in Germany.