!new dataset! The German Heating and Housing Panel

The German Heating and Housing Panel is an annual survey series on the heating transition with about 15,000 participating households in Germany, starting in 2021. The survey, carried out as part of the Kopernikus project Ariadne (see https://ariadneprojekt.de/en/) funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF). The data set is characterized by detailed information on the building stock, existing heating systems and heating costs as well as socio-economic characteristics of the households. The survey also examines energy modernization measures that have already been carried out or are planned and records the perception and acceptance of households regarding policy instruments discussed and already introduced in the building sector. The data from the first wave from 2021 is currently available. The data sets are available free of charge for scientific purposes as a Scientific Use File (SUF). For information on data access, please follow this link.