!new version! rwi-geo-pop-forecast

The data set RWI-GEO-GRID-POP-FORECAST is a population projection for Germany up to the year 2060 at 1km2 level. Existing nationwide population projections focus on highly aggregated spatial units. The Federal Statistical Office’s projections - the benchmark for German population projections - are limited to the entire country or to the federal states. Since many local socio-economic characteristics show great spatial heterogeneity, as documented by RWI-GEO-GRID (10.7807/microm:v12), the need for a small-scale population forecast becomes apparent. Our novel data set offers a population projection with a resolution of one square kilometer up to 2060.

Get it now: https://rb.gy/jflhd8

The map shows the shift in the old-age ratio (over 65s in relation to 0-64 year olds) at the grid level for Berlin.