Question on NEPS-SC3 "type of school" (ts11204) in "spSchool"

Dear NEPS team,

Could you please kindly provide me with some more detailed documentation of the variable „type pf school“ (ts11204) in „spSchool“ SC3?
Concretely, I would like to clarify what is included in the „vocational school“ category. Does it only cover students in dual vocational training (VET), where students spend most time in company practices? Or does this category „vocational school“ also include students in school-based vocational training that takes place entirely at a vocational school?

Thank you in advance,

Dear Yuxin,

this question was asked within the school module, so I would assume that it does not mean attending school as part of dual vocational training, but rather regular school attendance.
Information on vocational training is provided in the dataset „spVocTrain“.

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Dear Yuxin,

Benno is right. In Germany, next to school-based VET programs (vollberufsqualifizierend, vocationally qualifying), there are programs offered by vocational schools that belong to general schooling. These programs reward intermediate or upper secondary school certificates (Realschulabschluss, Mittlerer Schulabschluss, (Fach-)Abitur). Data on VET Programs (Dual apprenticeship training and School-based training programs) is provided in the spVocTrain datafile.

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Solga, Protsch, Ebner, Brzinsky-Fay (2014): The German vocational education and training system: Its institutional configuration, strengths, and challenges, WZB Discussion Paper, No. SP I 2014-502,