SC 3 Orthography subskills

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I would like to analyze the orthography competence scores of wave 1 of SC 3. If I understood correctly, these are found in the variables „org51001_c“ and the following. However, I am especially interested in comparing the results of the different orthographical subskills (phonographic syllabic, morphological etc.) but I cannot figure out how to distinguish the subskills based on the variables. Are these the results of the different subskills or of the whole word analysis? Where could I find information on which variable corresponds to which subskill?

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Dear Alina,

I appreciate your interest in the NEPS competence data. You are correct that the variables in the SUF indicate the structural units of the words included in the orthography test which correspond to a specific subskill. However, we do not provide information on the specific subskills because the test aims to measure a single dimension. Therefore, it is not possible to identify the subskills from the published data.

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