SC1: Employment Respondent system missings

Hello, I am looking at the variable p731901 Employment Respondent of spEmp, and there is sytem missing value for each waves. Could you please elaborate on what is it actually meaning? My particualr concern is for wave 2013 where there is over 2500 such missings.
Thank you in advance.

Hello Saikat,
these system missings indicate that a person was not asked a specific question because, for example, previous filters ruled it out. This is exactly the case with p731901. This question was only asked to those people for whom a so-called „change of anchor person“ was noted. This means that the same person did not answer in wave 2 as in wave 1. However, since a complex survey module was used in wave 2 to determine the employment situation of the respondents, I would recommend that you work with spEmp instead, as the information is much more precise and diverse there.

Best regards,