SC6: Construction of variables tx20000 tx20001 tx20002 tx20003 in pTarget


I am working with NEPS SC6 data. Whilegoing through pTarget I found that the variables on number of children are generated variables, however I couldn’t find any documentation explaining how these were constructed.
I have gone through the spell file „spChild“ and looked at harmonized subspells but I find that the variable „child“ in this dataset doesn’t correspond to „tx20000“ in the pTarget dataset even though both hold information on number of children.

Thank you.

Dear Lisha,
the variables tx20000 tx20001 tx20002 and tx20003 in pTarget differ from the information found in spChild because these generated variables only refer to all children currently living in the same household with the respondent. In spChild all children of a person can be found no matter where they live.
The construction of these variables is quite simple.
It is mainly a simple summation of all children for those the condition „living in the same household“ (ts3332c ==1 in spChildCohab) holds true.
Variables tx20001 tx20002 and tx20003 then additionally integrate the current age (stemming from spChild or pTarget) of those children.

Kind regards,
Benno Schönberger

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