SC6_residence at birth (rural vs urban)

Dear members of the research data center,

For my analyses on the SC6 , I need to control for the residence at birth simply by distinguishing rural vs urban areas .

Thanks to the remote access, I can use the variable “t700101_g4R” that records the administrative district at birth and recode this information into a dummy. However, considering that the level of detail needed is quite broad (just rural versus urban), I was wondering whether this information can be directly exported in a very simple dataset to be then included in my personal file.

I am looking forward to hearing from you,

Dear Claudia,

I am sorry, exporting individual data from the remote system is against our policy, even for such coarse information.
However, it should be possible to include a variable like this in the Download-SUF of future releases. I will try to take care of this, but cannot promise this will happen in the next release.

Just out of curiosity, why is it that you cannot continue on executing your analysis inside RemoteNEPS?

Kind regards,