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Dear NEPS team,

We are planning our project based on the NEPS data. And I have some issues to be confirmed.

First, for variables mainly from spchild and spemp, do we need to be on-site users or do we have full accessibility using the remoteNEPS? Based on the list on your website, I think the remote access is sufficient, but I would like to ask.

Second, are we allowed to merge this dataset with other data sources? For example, data from the German Federal Employment Agence? Can we merge SC5 and SC6?

Third, we may need information on the industries of individuals. For SC6, it asked about the industry code of people’s employers. But for SC5, the only relevant variable is „ts23240_g1 Economic sector (WZ 2008)“. But it asked: In which industry and/or economic sector are you working on a freelance basis? Why freelance basis?

Thank you very much!
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Hi Chen!

Thanks for reaching out to us!

You are right, probably most of the data you need in spChild/spEmp is available in the Download version (as well as in Remote). We have a list of all variables affected by protection issues on our website. For each Starting Cohort, there is a documentation (pdf) online: „Anonymization Procedures“. For example, for SC6 here.

Regarding your second question:
You are allowed to merge external data to NEPS data (but please see the conditions in the data use agreement). Maybe what you are looking for is the linkage to administrative data? You find more information here:

You can not merge SC5 and SC6, as those are different Cohorts and therefore different people involved. There is not much to link. If the question was rather about pooling the cohorts: There are no legal restrictions for such an undertaking. Feel free to give it a go. You will have to account for different sampling strategies though. A good start would be to take a look at the various documentation files on the cohorts website (e.g. sampling and field reports).

I am sure someone will take care of your third question soon.

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Dear Chen!
Regarding your third question, I think I have some good news. If you look at an SC5 survey instrument [1], you will find the full question text of ‚ts23240‘ in the SUF version (‚etbra‘ in field version) … for example [2]. In this item, there are question filters that are based on the respondent’s occupational status. Due to the size of the complete question text, you may only see the first part of the question text ([…] freelance basis) in shortened documentations.

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[2] P. 198

Thank you Tobias and Gregor, your answers are very helpful!