Data availability on parent-child relationship

Hi everybody,
I have a question regarding which dataset might be the ideal one for a project paper I am currently working on. As some time has passed since I last worked with NEPS data, I am not familiar anymore with the datasets.

I am interested in families with at least one child in elementary school between 2019 and 2022. Ideally I am interested in some basic sociodemographic information on the parents, and indicators on the quality and conflict levels of the parent-child relationship.

Which dataset would be the best? Starting Cohort 2?

Thank you for your help and best regards,


Dear Daniele,
with respect to your research interest, Starting Cohort 1 would be the best match. In 2019, SC1-children were prox. 7 year old. The datsets contains rich information on family structure, background as well as qualitative indicators on family life.
Don’t hesitate to get back to us with further questions.
Best wishes,