Number of final grades in pTargetCATI

Hello everyone,

I am trying to find out why there are only so few values in pTargetCATI for the final grades for Math and German (about 2000 each) when there are in total 62,643 observations for 13,475 students.
Why are there only about 2000 values each which are not NA for these two variables instead of 13,475?
Is it because some students were not willing to answer or could not be contacted?
I am looking specifically at SC4.

Thank you in advance, I am grateful for any help!

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Hello Lena,

are you referring to variables tf11227 and tf11229? In this case, it seems to be that this question was only asked in wave 3, which means it was only put to those leaving school after grade 9. This could roughly match the 2000 persons/ observations you found, because not so many NEPS participantes left school after grade 9. However, this is only a guess after looking into the codebook, as I am not a member of the LIfBi. Also, I did not check the dataset, but just looked into the codebook, but there seem to be no observations in any other wave than wave 3.

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Hello Lena!
We are having some temporary shortage of human resources…
I will look into it and get back to you late that afternoon - sorry for the delay.

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Hello Lena!
It seems Annalisa guessed right. I took a look into the raw data - I could not find any other variables containing subject-specific final grades except in wave 3. There is just a variable containing the total final grade in spSchool. I don’t know why there is not any subject-specific information available.I will try to get in touch with the colleagues who might have some more insights. I will forward that information to you ASAP.

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Dear Lena,

Annalisa and Diemtar are right in their assumption. The final grades for Mathe and German are in pTargetCATI only available for those who leave the general school system after the 9th grade. On the other hand, you can find the last semester grades for Math and German for each school episode of the respondents (exception: elementary schools and orientation stage) in spSchool (vars: ts11227, ts11229). Select the harmonized episodes (keep if subspell == 0) and delete the elementary school and orientation stage episodes (drop if ts11204 == 1 | ts11204 == 2). As a result, you will receive the Math and German grade for 21696 school episodes at the end of each episode. The school leavers after the 9th grade are also (largely) included. However, a respondent may have multiple episodes. You may want to chose the last school episode of each respondent. You may also want to include the last semester grade for awarded degrees, which you can find in spSchoolExtExam (var ts11310, ts11312).

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