Parental Knowledge

Dear NEPS team,

I have a question about the question about parents' knowlege of educational transitions (p445520, p445510; starting cohort 2). I was wondering how and whether I can assess whether parents answered this question correctly. Probably this also depends on the state (or maybe even the school)? 
Thank you in advance.

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Sara Geven

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Dear Sara,

there is a NEPS Working Paper from Klaus Tillmann [1] that collects information about transitions from primary to secondary education and lists explicitely on page 20, whether that decision is totally dirven by the parent's whishes or theacher's recommendations.

Hope, that will help you a little.



Another source [2] I recently found could be Kropf et al. (2010): Überblick über die rechtlichen Regelungen des Übergangs in den beteiligten Ländern. in: Nele McElvany (Hrsg.) et al.: Der Übergang von der Grundschule in die weiterführende Schule: Leistungsgerechtigkeit und regionale, soziale und ethnisch-kulturelle Disparitäten. Bildungsforschung Band 34, S. 399ff.




Dear Simon,
Thank you for this! If I understand the information correctly, is it true that in none of the states track recommendations are binding in ALL cases? It seems that there is always a loophole around it. So parents who think this is correct gave a wrong answer?
Thank you!