"SC2: ""type of school"" variable t723503"

Hi there! I am trying to make sense out of school types encoded in variable t723503 in SC2. Specifically, I would like to know what is exactly implied by "School with several educational programs" ("Schule mit mehreren Bildungsgängen"). What kinds of school does this type actually include? How institutionally homogeneous is it? Are there differences in what is implied by this type of school across federal states? Many thanks in advance!

Dear Gordey,

the term "School with several educational programs" is an umbrella term including types of schools that provide courses of education otherwise offered by Hauptschule (lower secondary level providing a basic general education) and Realschule (lower secondary level providing a more extensive general education). Some also offer education according to the Gymnasium. Students attend different tracks depending on their ability level which means that they leave school with different certificates. Thus, the group of students attending schools with several educational programs are rather heterogeneous.

It depends on the federal states how these schools are specifically called and organized. For more detailed information regarding differences on state level please also see: https://www.eduserver.de/glossarbegriff_e.html?glossarbegriffe_id=172



Dear Lena, vielen Dank for clarification! :) Now I wonder when the differentiation within these schools actually takes place? Is (will) there a variable for this in SC2? 

Timing of tracking differs depending on specifics of the school and federal states.

Participating children have not been asked about the specific track they are enrolled in within schools with several educational programs. But you can refer to the parent’s data in “spParentSchool” which includes the school history of the students. Variable p723080 includes the type of visited school in a more differentiated way compared to the student’s variable t723503. The subsequent variable p723100 includes the tracking information within schools with several educational programs. Referring to the latest Codebook (https://www.neps-data.de/Portals/0/NEPS/Datenzentrum/Forschungsdaten/SC2/7-0-0/SC2_7-0-0_Codebook_en.pdf) there are only very few responses until now. The missing value ‘-20’ implies that no tracking has occurred yet.